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Crescent 'Decorative' Mat-Board

Crescent’s line of Decorative Mat-board offers versatility and is very affordable. The textured boards are available in a full range of soft colors that reflect today’s trends in art and home decor. Surface paper colors are specially formulated to provide high fade and bleed resistance. The boards also feature buffered, acid-free cores and backing papers.

The vibrant new colours are on Crescent's standard cream core and are buffered to a neutral pH.

32" x 40" (1020mm x810mm)

20 colours kept in stock.



Dexter Mat Cutter

The Dexter Mat Cutter will cut a straight or bevel edge with absolute accuracy.
In order to help prevent soiling or marring on the surface you will be cutting, the Dexter Mat Cutter is chrome plated. This also gives the tool a very smooth surface for easy gliding. Blade adjustments can be easily done using the plastic knob on the tool, this knob secures the blade at any desired angle or depth.

Cuts mats of any thickness with straight cuts or professional bevelled edge. Perfect for scoring cardboard or illustration board.

Logan 2000: Push Style Handheld Mat Cutter

Logan's hand-held mat cutters are all made of high-tech aluminum alloys and have a reputation for quality and dependability. They are comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed users.The Logan Push Style hand held mat cutter includes a retractable blade in a blade slot. The blade slot prevents blade flex, resulting in straighter cuts. A start-and-stop indicator helps to eliminate over cuts.

Swann-Morton Surgical Blades and Handles

Precision, consistency and reliability have helped to establish Swann-Morton surgical blades and handles as the the preferred brand of cutting instruments in all corners of the World.

Perfect for cutting mat-board, foam board, film and many other paper/card products. 

Tapes and Adhesives for Framing

Picture Framing Tape

Framing tape is used used for mounting and hinging photographs, artwork, sealing inlay mats, reinforcing v-grooves and corners of larger mats for stability.

Double-Sided Sellotape

Versatile tape coated on both sides with a strong adhesive Ideal for display mounting, and exhibition work Easy to remove backing strip Hand tear-able for ease of use.

Available in rolls of
6mm x 50mt, 12mm x 50mt and 18mm x 50mt rolls.

Faber Castell Art Gum - Rubber Cement

Reposition-able gum for mounting artwork. 

Carven Magic Dots

Magic Dots are a quick and efficient way to mount photographs. They are reposition-able in the short term, allowing for easy re-adjustments to correct the alignment of mounted photos, but as they dry out over time they form a firm bond which holds photos securely in place. 

Helmar Acid Free Glue

This glue is acid free and has been specifically designed for book binding, mounting photographs and most craft projects.


Bostik Clear Bond

An all-purpose adhesive suitable for many surfaces - bonds vinyl pools, glass, wood, fabric, metal, paper, rubber and leather.

Celco Glue Stick

Celco Glue sets fast, dries clear and is colourless. It is water soluble, handy and accurate. Sticks paper, card and photos in one neat, accurate application. Celco glue can be used on artwork, photo albums, labelling, school projects and is great for collages. Ideal for home, office and school use.

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