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Modelling Clay

Fimo 'Soft' Polymer Clay

A smoother and more manageable version of Fimo Classic, Fimo Soft requires no arduous kneading and is ready to use out of the box! A smoother and softer alternative, Fimo Soft is also easy to blend, and comes in a wide variety of colors.


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Fimo 'Classic'  Polymer Clay

A recognised staple in the arts & crafts field, Fimo Classic modelling polymer clay is recognised for its ability to keep its shape and blend well.

Available in a wide array of dynamic colors.

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Gedeo Light Plaster

1kg light castings that are easy to paint.

Low density plaster recommended for casting hanging decorations.


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Gedeo Modelling Paste

500g wax-based paste.

Infinitely reusable. It can also be used to take the imprint of an object to make a plaster cast. 

Gedeo Moulding Alginate

500g natural seaweed-based powder.

Suitable for moulding complete items, soft or delicate objects, the human body.

Gedeo Precision Plaster

1kg hard castings that are easy to paint.

Alpha plaster for artistic coats. It offers accuracy and strength of exceptional quality. Its coarser grain and porosity make it easy to paint.

Gedeo Reconstituted Stone

1kg imitates limestone, ready to mould.




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Gedeo Restoration Plaster

750g glueing plaster.

Technical plaster. Thick and very sticky. Doesn't run and adheres to most surfaces. Used together with Siligum, it's ideal when restoring frames and moulding.



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 Gedeo Siligum

300g fast setting, two-component silicone moulding paste.

Easy dosing (1/1).  To mould small objects and flat decorations.  Provides exceptional imprint accuracy.  Can be used to produce casts in plaster, resin, low melting point metal or wax.  Can be stored for up to 12 months if kept in it's packaging in a dry place.  100g covers an area of approx 15x15cm.

Gedeo Modelling Tools

Trimming tool, modelling tool, rib & cutting wire.

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