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Other Acrylic Mediums

This section contains many exciting and creative acrylic mediums  that are quite different to any covered in other sections.

Airbrush Medium (Liquitex)

A matte, opaque preparation of marble, dust and polymer emulsion. Use to build heavy textures and three-dimensional forms and rigid supports. Mix with acrylic colour or paint surface with acrylic, oil, pastel or other artists' colour. Permanent, non-yellowing, and water-resistant when dry.

Do not mix with turpentine or other oils.

Pouring Medium (Liquitex)

Mix with Soft Body Acrylic Colour to promote drying with a smooth, evenly coloured film. Will not add transparency when mixed with colour. Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry.


String Gel (Liquitex)


Pouring or dripping the gel from above produces a long, string-like application. Mix with acrylic colour and brush to creating long streaking effects, as well as to enhance depth of colour.


Transparent Gesso and White Gesso (Liquitex)

Liquitex Gesso is a premium acrylic Gesso, used to prepare painting surfaces for acrylic and oil paint.


Fine Mist Water Sprayer (Atelier)

This empty 120ml bottle features a fine mist atomiser spray pump designed to keep Interactive Acrylics workable for as long as you wish.


Clear Sealer MM12 (Matisse)

MM12 Clear Sealer can be used on raw wood if you are not using a Matisse Background Colour (which has a built-in sealer) and want to paint a design on the raw wood leaving the natural grain revealed. It can also be used on glass, ceramics, terracotta pots and new metal. All surfaces should be clean and dust-free before MM12 Clear Sealer application.


Fabric Fixative MM13 (Matisse)

A great idea for the all-round artist. A way in which, if you feel like painting on fabric and making it last, you need not buy a whole range of fabric paints. MM13 Fabric Fixative mixed with Matisse Colours, preferably Flow Formula, will become permanent on T-shirts or most other garments after heat fixing.


Iridescent Medium MM24 (Matisse)

This medium is based on pure iridescent pigment and contains no fillers or titanium dioxide; therefore the resultant mixes of iridescent colours are far more intense and richer in colour. Hint: The MM24 Iridescent Medium mixed with Matisse colours looks great over a black background.


Marbling Gel MM16 (Matisse)

For painted finish techniques, mix medium with acrylic colour and apply with a stiff brush. Very effective patterns can be created by the use of sponges, erasers, combs, squeegees, rags, stencilling brushes, plastic wraps etc. Marbling Gel may also be used in marbling processes to keep the colours from mixing together whilst at the same time creating colour effects from opaque to transparent. This medium is also called a scumble glaze or scumble medium.

Palette Wetting Spray (Liquitex)

An innovative, fluid acrylic resin designed to slow the drying of acrylic colours. It allows you to keep your palette colours fresh longer, preventing the paint from “skinning over.” Improves colour blending.

Can be used to thin colour while maintaining film integrity. Formulated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mould.

Unlocking Medium (Atelier)

This medium allows artists to re-open a paint layer even after it is touch-dry. Once the paint is re-opened, new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a rag. Unlocking Formula can also be used to further extend wet blending time. Artists now have more opportunity to modify or edit paintings as they progress. Apply using the Atelier Fine Mist Sprayer. Especially effective when used in conjunction with Atelier Slow Medium.

Galeria Screen Printing Medium (Winsor & Newton)

Galeria colours are light fast and offered within a fine-art spectrum, making them highly attractive for printmaking. By themselves, however, acrylic colours dry too rapidly to be used for screen printing. Adding Galeria Screen Printing Medium to the colours will improve flow and slow the drying time, allowing for successful printing.

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