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Derwent Pencils

Derwent Watercolour Pencils

Derwent Watercolour can be used wet or dry, on wet or dry paper, to achieve a variety of effects, from bold, vibrant images to delicate watercolour washes. It comes in 72 great colours, which retain their full intensity however you use them. For sheer versatility, Watercolour is unmatched.


Available individually or in sets of 12,24,36,72 


Derwent Artists' Pencils

The first colour pencil Derwent ever developed, and still one of the most popular on the market. Artists have a traditional, round wooden barrel and a large diameter, break-resistant colour strip. Perfect for broad strokes and free, expressive drawing, Artists’ slightly waxy texture is ideal for multiple layering and blending to produce an infinite spectrum of subtly different hues and tints. Available in a fantastic range of 120 colours, Artists has stood the test of time.


Available individually or in sets of 12,24,36,72


Derwent Pastel Pencils

All the creativity of pastel with the convenience and control of a pencil! The soft, powdery texture produces a velvety smooth finish, ideal for mixing and blending. For laying down large areas of colour, try Derwent Pastel Blocks.


Available individually or in sets of 12,24,36,72 


 Derwent Coloursoft Pencils

The softest of pencils but in an amazingly strong and vibrant range of colours. The velvety softness of the strip releases rich, dense colour at a stroke and is perfect for mixing and blending. Despite its soft texture, Coloursoft sharpens to a fine point and works equally well for detailed illustrations or bold, contemporary still-life drawings and portraiture.


Available individually or in sets of 12,24,36,72 


 Derwent Graphitint Pencils

If you’d like to introduce some colour to your graphite drawings, this pencil does it all! Used dry, Graphitint provides just a hint of colour but adding water literally transforms the tint into rich, vibrant colour. Graphitint will appeal to artists looking for something a little bit different but with all the familiar qualities of their favourite graphite pencils.


Available individually or in sets of 12, 24


Derwent Inktense

Pen and ink offers strong, intense colour combined with a translucent effect. Now you can enjoy these distinctive qualities in an easy to use pencil. The colours can be blended together with a slightly wetted paintbrush while applying an overall light wash creates a vivid, ink-like translucency. Once dry, this wash is permanent so Inktense is ideal for silk painting and other craft projects.


Available individually or in sets of 12, 24


Derwent Drawing Pencils 

This is drawing at its most natural, both in the exquisite colour range and the creative potential of this unique and rewarding pencil. Drawing has an extra wide, creamy textured strip which produces a beautifully soft, velvety finish. It is the perfect medium for wildlife and nature studies, natural portraiture and dreamy, evocative landscapes. A wide selection of traditional sepia tones together with soft neutral greys, greens, blues and creams.


Available individually or in sets of 12, 24


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Derwent Sketching Collection

Mixed Drawing Materials. This exciting collection of drawing materials is designed to help make the most of your creative potential. From quick, freestyle sketches to more advanced drawing projects, this set is ideal for use at home or on location. Includes: 3 x Sketching Pencils, 1 x Charcoal Pencil, 1 x Drawing Pencil, 1 x Pastel Pencil, 3 x Natural Graphite, 3 x Compressed Charcoal.


Available in sets of 12, 24


Derwent Tinted Charcoal

Derwent Tinted Charcoal offers the dramatic beauty of traditional charcoal with a gentle hint of colour. Natural charcoal particles and a small amount of colour pigment are combined with the finest clays then encased in wood to produce a wonderfully expressive drawing tool.


Available individually or in sets of 12, 24

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