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Many artists today consider oil paint to be one of the fundamental art media because of its properties and use in previous, very popular artwork. Typical qualities of oil paint include a long "open time," which means that the paint does not dry quickly. Oil paints will not dry for up to several weeks, allowing the artist to work on a painting for several sessions.
Oil paint also has a propensity to blend into surrounding paint allowing very subtle blending of colours. This medium also produced vivid colour with a natural sheen and distinct contrast. Oil paints have a surface translucency similar to human skin, making it an ideal medium for portraits.

Winsor and Newton Artists' Oil Colour (Winsor & Newton)


The highest professional quality traditional oil colour made from the finest pigments.
Artists' Oil Colour is unmatched for its purity, quality and reliability - a success which is reflected in its world-wide reputation amongst professional artists. It has 120 colours in the range, offering the widest spectrum of all the Winsor & Newton oil ranges.

Combined with over 170 years of manufacturing and quality control expertise, the formulation of Artist's Oil Colour ensures the best raw materials are made into the World's Finest Colours.

To see the Artist Oil colour chart please click here.

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Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour (Winsor & Newton)


A genuine oil colour which avoids conventional solvents and cleans up with water.

Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour has been specifically developed to appear and work just like conventional oil colour.
The key difference between Artisan and conventional oils is its ability to thin and clean up with water. Hazardous solvents are not necessary for Artisan and artists can enjoy a safer painting environment, making it ideal for artists who share a work space, schools or painting at home.

The Artisan range consists of 40 colours and has a dedicated range of 11 Artisan solvents, oils, mediums and varnishes.

To see the Artisan Water Mixable Oil colour chart please click here.

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Griffin Fast Drying Oil (Winsor & Newton)


A fast-drying oil colour for quick sessions which is touch dry in 24 hours.

Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour offers the excellent advantage of faster drying times compared to traditional oil colours. This means that the traditional oil techniques of both impasto and glazing can be done in considerably less time and a painting can be completed in a single session.
The full range of 50 colours are ideal for working outdoors, and greater transparency means increased depth and clarity for glazes.

To see the Griffin Fast Drying Oil colour chart please click here.

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Winton (Winsor & Newton)


Winton is a high quality yet economical oil colour for artists working with high volumes of colour. Winton is a traditional range of oil colours, made from moderately priced pigments, formulated for student and amateur artists or more accomplished painters requiring large volumes of colour.

To see the Winton colour chart please click here.

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Old Holland Classic Oil Colours


Old Holland Classic Oil Colours are made in the oldest artist's paint factory in the world. All colours are completely light fast except madder lakes and cremnitz white which are nearly light fast. All colours are free of cheap fillers and artificial driers. Therefore all colours have the highest possible concentration of pigments providing great covering power, strength of colour and colour intensity.

To see the Old Holland Classic Oil colour chart please click here.

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Art Spectrum Oil Colours


Art Spectrum Oil Colours include a beautiful and unique range of colours developed for the Australian landscape. These colours provide exciting possibilities for artists worldwide.

Art Spectrum is Australia's most respected oil paints because they conform to the classic tradition. All colours are triple-milled to ensure that every pigment particle is completely coated with the vehicle, and evenly dispersed. This results in a stable paint film which has even surface tensions.

To see the Art Spectrum Oil colour chart please click here.

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Daler-Rowney Oils (Daler Rowney)


Daler-Rowney Oils are distinctive for their high permanence rating with a drying time that is half that of traditional oil colours. Available in twenty four brilliant colours that dry to a low gloss sheen, they can hold a variety of brush strokes and a large number of layers. Quicker drying time allows more to be done to the painting and opens up new creative possibilities. All colours have been specially formulated and stability tested to assure that wherever used in the world the colours are made to last.

To see the Daler-Rowney Oils colour chart please click here. 

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Georgian Oils (Daler Rowney)


Georgian oil paint

Daler-Rowney's Georgian Oils, one of the world's best-selling oil colours for many years, have been improved to offer more colour choice, even stronger tints and greater permanence. Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colours are ideal for use with a knife or a brush, allowing for a variety of effects to be achieved. Every batch is matched for colour and texture against exacting standards to ensure they will perform perfectly anywhere in the world, from the Amazon to Antarctica. Daler-Rowney's Georgian Oils are made in the same way as Rowney's Artist Oils, to the same high standards. The main difference between them lies in the choice and strength of pigments.

To see the Georgian Oils colour chart please click here.

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Markal Artists Paint Stick


Markal Artists Paint Sticks are real paint in a stick form. They are not crayons, oil pastels or soft pastels. They are made from highly refined drying oils blended with the finest pigments and molded into sticks. Artists Paint Stick perform beautifully with all conventional oil paints. All of the same techniques that you are accustomed to using in oil painting and more can be successfully performed using Artists Paint Stick. Available in professional and student quality.

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Reeves Oil Starter Sets and Reeves Water Mixable Oil Starter Set



Ideal for students or adult beginners, these value-priced sets are available in four media: acrylic, gouache, oil and watercolour. All are non-toxic and boxed in beautiful full-colour packaging.

Available in sets of 12, 18 and 24

Reeves water mixable oil is perfect for oil painting, while avoiding the use of solvents. Water is used for thinning and cleaning instead of solvent. Perfect for children.

Available in sets of 12, 18 and 24

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